Four Unique Father’s Day Gifts

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Four Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a time to say thank you to dads, step-dads, grandfathers, uncles, father figures and husbands.
Some prefer to receive gifts that can be shared by the whole family, while others want personalised treasures for their man caves. We understand that it can be difficult to shop for dads, so we’ve put together four unique gift ideas that are guaranteed to brighten his Father’s Day.

Cheese Board - Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese Design

Treat Dad to a gift that has brought families together for centuries.
Our handmade bamboo-crafted Cheese Board is perfect for sharing tasty nibbles. With unique grooved borders, this board doesn’t let any loose nuts or crackers run away. It features a hidden draw with four utensils, including a cheese knife, making set-ups easy for social occasions.
Furthermore, its nonporous surface doesn’t leave behind any stains or odours– an easy clean for the whole family!

Beard Comb - Classic - I'm Sexy and I grow it!

How do you tell a man he needs to keep a neater beard?
He won’t use just any comb, and he won’t take a hint. Luckily, our Beard Comb is designed to diffuse and detangle, all while pointing out the obvious: he’s sexy but he needs a brush! Made from bamboo veneer, our Beard Comb is perfect for gift-giving this Father’s Day. Literally stroke his ego with this bathroom staple!

Jigsaw Puzzle - Medium
Jigsaw Puzzle - Medium

Our personalised jigsaw puzzle is a timeless classic. Transform a fleeting moment into a lifelong memory with this 120-piece gift, and show Dad how much you appreciate him.

Wooden Spoon – May the Sauce Be With You.

The force is strong with this one.
With the option to add a personalised engraved message to this spoon’s handle, Dad will be levitating in a galaxy far, far, away. He might even share some of his homemade sauce with you –bonus!

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